Sunday, 10 February 2013

Style I am currently diggin'

Unfortunately I didn't save the links to any of these wonderful people/street style shots so if you know who they belong to then please comment and i will credit them <3 I will try and regularly take my own street style shots being one of my favourite hobbies anyway and upload them onto my blog. However the style of these girlies I am definitely diggin' and I hope you think so too!

(All found on tumblr, as i've said if you know who they belong too please let me know and i'll credit them as i don't want to get into trouble)

Thank you :) xx


  1. you are such an inspiration, keep blogging, i want to read more:)

  2. Aw Jadeee baby, thank you, thank yoou! Will keep it up as much as i can x