Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Outfit Of The Day

So today I am wearing:
Vintage nautical inspired jeans - Charity shop - £4.99 - Come up high waisted on me which is fab and I love the baggy look, although it makes me look like I have saggy knees. I've never ever liked the nautical style no matter how 'on trend' it may be but today I am clearly down with the nautical.

Barbour/Liberty wax jacket - Ebay - £? - Mum bought this for me as a present for christmas/birthday (can't remember which one, how awful!) BUT it's such a classic piece and I absolutely love it and will keep it forever and coming from a farmer land background it really shows my routes haha

Black suede boots - Urban Outfitters - £10- Absolute bargain!

Blue and white polka dot cardigan - H&M - £9.99- Pretty lil piece which will perk up any outfit.

Vintage netted dress/top - Charity shop - £1- I want to make a pom pom dress out of it soon!

Sheepskin scarf - Carboot - £1- I was so chuffed when I found this beauty and I literally never stop wearing it, gives every outfit I wear a sense of chic!

Hope you will enjoy my outfit posts !
Lotsa love 

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